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Nong Prue is town municipality (thesaban mueang) in Bang Lamung District of Chon Buri Province, and functions as a bedroom suburb of Pattaya, to the direct east (inland), and is home to a growing expatriate and retired population. Its population was 73,901 people in 2010 NSO, and 79,258 by 2017. Separate locally registered population (DLA) figures claim 46,098 for 2015. Like Pattaya, the latter figures probably underestimate the true number of residents, as Thai service workers tend to return to their hometowns where their residence is registered. Both figures likely does not include expats from mostly wealthy nations, nor migrants from neighboring countries who increasingly uptake jobs Thais do not want and/or are accustomed to. (Though ASEAN migrants have been increasingly regularized since about 2014.)

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