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Rijeka (Croatian pronunciation: [rijěːka]; Italian: Fiume, [ˈfjuːme]; Slovene: Reka; German: Sankt Veit am Flaum; all but the last one, "Saint Vito at the River", meaning "River"; see other names) is the principal seaport and the third-largest city in Croatia (after Zagreb and Split). It is located in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea and has a population of 128.624 inhabitants.[1] Historically, because of its strategic position and its excellent deep-water port, the city was fiercely contested, especially among Italy, Hungary (serving as the Kingdom of Hungary's largest and most important port), and Croatia, changing hands and demographics many times over centuries. According to the 2011 census data, the overwhelming majority of its citizens (94.52%) are Croats, along with small numbers of Bosniaks, Italians and Serbs. The city has a strong local sense of identity and the autochthonous inhabitants of Rijeka are referred to as Fiumans.

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