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Luhačovice (Czech pronunciation: [ˈluɦatʃovɪtsɛ]; German: Luhatschowitz) is a spa town in the Zlín Region, Moravia, Czech Republic.
It occupies a valley whose elevation is a minimum of 250 m above sea level. The north-western edge of the valley is formed by the slopes of Malé Kamenné. The south-eastern part is formed by the forested Obětové peak (511 m above sea level). The southern section of the vale is surrounded by the hills Velké Kamenné (385 m), Solné (451 m), Zálužné (446 m), Lužné (428 m) and Ovčírny (429 m). All of these hills are part of the Vizovická vrchovina (the Vizovice Highlands) and the Bílé Karpaty (the White Carpathians). The highest peak in the Luhačovice area is Komonec, 672 m above sea level. The eastern and south-eastern sections of the Luhačovice vicinity are part of the Chráněná krajinná oblast Bílé Karpaty (the White Carpathian Protected Scenic Region).

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